Volunteering Details

How Do I Volunteer?

1. Download and sign this volunteer waiver. Scan and email the signed copy to wiki-mtb-waivers@googlegroups.com

2. Signup for a volunteer session here:

 Sign Up!

3. Record your volunteer hours here

4. Join our email list here

Where Do You Meet?

Unless noted otherwise, we meet at these locations for trail work:

Willow River Mountain Bike Trailhead here.
Kinnickinnic Red Trail Trailhead here.

What Should I Bring?

(We tend to get pretty dirty - so dress appropriately...)
  • Work clothes and gloves
  • Work boots or hiking shoes - they will get dirty
  • Water and bug spray
  • A change of clothes (or at least a shirt) for the ride home
  • A towel - to wipe off and to sit on for your ride home
  • Garbage bag - to put sweaty / dirty clothes in after your work session
  • A smile

What Levels of Volunteers Do You Have?

1. General Volunteer - First time volunteers and/or occasional volunteers.

2. Trail Boss - Experienced volunteers that can lead a crew of 5 or more general volunteers. We will always have at least one trail boss at a work session. 

3. Mini Ex Operator - Experienced trail bosses that have also gone through mini ex training. 

4. Head Trail Boss - We have one Head Trail Boss for each park. 

What Kind of Work Will We Do?

During trail construction, our General Volunteers will likely be doing trail finishing work, and occasionally brush cutting / clearing:

  • Trail finish work - including raking, shoveling, root removal, feature construction and compacting
  • Brush cutting and clearing - this is the first step in trail construction - this helps clear the way for the mini ex


Occasionally, we'll also have the other types of needs:

  • Bridge / boardwalk / gate installation * construction - we will occasionally have construction work to do
  • Signage, cleanup and other general work - we will occasionally have other types of work like sign installation, trail cleanup, weed whipping, etc.


Please contact us with any questions at wikimtnbike@gmail.com.

Thank you!